Manuel El Loco Valdés already has his will ready for the moment of his departure, reveal | Instagram

In recent days it was known that the health of the actor Manuel « El Loco « Valdés each time was decreasing more, so now a grandson of the comedian confirms this news by revealing that he even left instructions after his departure.

The grandson of actor who regrets that for this health crisis Unable to visit detailed one of the actor’s latest crises.

Iván Valdés He explained that just a week ago, the histrionic presented an oxygenation problem, which fortunately could be controlled by the nurses who work with him, however, this does not stop worrying the actor’s grandson.

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It was also Iván Valdés who a few weeks ago revealed details about the tumor that it was removed from his grandfather, who he pointed out had regenerated so the doctors recommended not to subject him to any operation since it carried a lot of risk so he was only subjected to « palliative care » that offered him a better quality of life.

I am very worried because I would like to be there with him and I feel like he is saying goodbye, but I want him to be the best for him, I would like to love him, be there to hug him, meanwhile send him my love and all my love, « said the grandson of the comedian.

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Through an interview granted by Iván Valdés in the middle Ventaneando revealed how the crisis that put the actor’s life at risk 89 years.

It was an oxygenation problem, so when he stopped oxygenating, other problems or ills that he has were unleashed, in fact they were about to take him to a medical center for a more specialized review, but fortunately it was not necessary, he reacted well and was able to talk to me ”He narrated.

Right now he is fine, he is stable, they managed to stabilize him with oxygen concentrates, he ate very well, he was talking very well, « he added.

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Apparently, the health of the father of Cristian castro she is so serious that she keeps her relatives, who supposedly have already sought help to face what would be the « duel before the departure of the actor » when the time comes.

Hopefully we will achieve, as they say in thanatology, the good dying, a positive transition towards its new stage of evolution in the universe, I want you to know that I am there for what you need and that I am a phone call away, « reiterated Iván, visibly affected when talking about his grandfather’s health problems.

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Even Ivan He also noted, that he unconsciously remembers some of the last words of his grandfather on one of the past visits

He said he tries to keep a beautiful image of me, of the happy person, who was the happiness of home, that he is calm, that we are not fighting. ”

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In addition, he noted that the histrionic he has already disposed his last will will, where he specifies the distribution of his assets, which, apparently, would remain in the name of the children of the actor’s last wife.