Manu Ginobili was present in the special broadcast of the program United for Argentina, whose main objective is to raise funds for the fight against COVID-19. Via Skype, from his home in San Antonio, the former guard, four-time NBA champion and winner of the gold medal with the Argentine team at the Athens 2004 Olympics, sent a message to his fans in Argentina, to that they do not lower the guard in the battle against the disease in the country.

“I ask people to be patient; a little more. It is screwed, in many parts of the world they have belittled it and the results are visible. Let us continue to be respectful of ourselves and others, we will pass it on with our courage, solidarity and altruism ”, he encouraged in the epilogue of the dialogue he had with Leo Montero, Verónica Lozano and Alejandro Fantino.

The 42-year-old from Bahia gave details of the panorama that exists in the United States. “The situation is very strange, the TV in the United States goes immediately to New York, what is happening is very serious. Cities with a high population density are vulnerable. Where there is a lot of public transportation, crowds … In Texas there is a lot of space, public transportation is hardly used. But New York is having a very bad time, Miami, New Orleans, Detroit; They have underestimated the situation. An order to stay home has not been instituted in the United States. The situation is almost out of control. They are fighting very hard, with deficiencies and lack of material. That is what we try in Argentina, not to get to that point, “he stressed.

Manu described the intimacies of the social isolation of his family, with his wife Marianela and their three children: “We have been at home for 20 days, we were just traveling when everything started. We have gone twice to stock up on the supermarket, the boys have online classes. Luckily we have room for them. We are waiting for the steps to follow, which are not so clear ”.

Many, exactly, showed it to the world in an unthinkable context: dancing the ula ula. “It was a cruel betrayal by my wife. He filmed me and sent it to 200 million people. I never imagined that it could happen ”, he added.

But, beyond the moments of distraction, of recreation, the coronavirus is still there, generating concern. I had very worrying days, waking up at night thinking about what might happen. In Argentina, my parents are in that age range of risk; my friends in Bahía Blanca and in other parts of the world … I have moments of that anxiety, anguish, of not knowing what is going to happen, “he acknowledged.

For this reason, Ginobili warned that it is difficult for him to think “from here to one year”. “It is so difficult … This virus has reduced our vision, our window, to two weeks. We do not know what can happen if this disease is going to unite us as a society, or who is going to save himself. Hopefully this pandemic will make us a great team. It is a mystery, economically we are going to have a hard time for a while, we must think about our health and our elders. It is normal that people are with doubts and nerves “, contributed his gaze.

For this reason, in this last month it remained active on social networks, as a vehicle: “We are all learning on the go. I’m trying to include myself, to see how you can help, followers are a responsibility; See if I can reach you from a tweet, or on Instagram, that is worth it. Something short and at the foot that can serve ”, he concluded. And in that plan, he left the message with the weight of his figure, in the program “Unidos por Argentina”.