Manny Machado punished Trevor Bauer with a kilometer-long home run

The dominican Manny machado punished with a violent home run Los Angeles pitcher Trevor Bauer Dodgers on the MLB.

By the first inning of the game with no running backs in circulation and the count at 3-2, Manny machado was deposited in left field to make the game 2-0 in favor of the San Diego Padres in the MLB against the Dodgers.

Said home run had an outing 112 miles off the bat of Machado and traveled a distance of 427 feet in Petco Park. Bauer also gave up a solo home run in the first inning from left-hander Jake Cronerwtoh.

Manny mcahado He beats Trevor Bauer to 565 in about 23 matches over the course of his career.

Here the video:

This was the 12th jonron of Manny machado This season, who is now hitting 257. with 12 homers and 48 RBIs, has been one of the San Diego Padres’ best timely hitters this season. MLB.

Machado looks better in the month of June, everything indicates that he is picking up pace and things could be even better when he takes the break from the all-star game and is in the mood for a second half that can be fruitful.

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