Manny Machado made attempted robbery against Yadier Molina

The dominican Manny machado went to robbery with Yadier Molina behind the plate in the middle of the season MLB.

Through the first game of the series between the San Diego Padres and the St. Louis Cardinals, Manny machado he made an attempt to steal second base even knowing that the 9-time gold glove is behind the avocado.

Yadier Molina made a perfect shot that the shortstop only had to lower his glove a little to sentence Machado for the first time this season of the MLB, since, both teams are missing a lot of games.

Here the video:

On the other hand, Machado hit 4-2 with two RBIs in the good hour for the San Diego Padres, answering for his team’s offense, since Fernando Tatis Jr, Wil Myers and Eric Hosmer are not on the team due to to the anti-coronavirus health protocol.

It should be noted that the 300 million man has six stolen bases in a month and a half of the season, the same amount he had in the last season of the season. MLB.

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