maneuvers with food to bring prices up to 9% more expensive in supermarkets

The provincial chains of supermarkets , wholesale self-services and warehouses reported this Wednesday increases in goods of the basic basket up to 9% , as well as certain missing in gondola , on the same day that several companies suffered charges for alleged shortage .

Representatives and executives of the Argentine Chamber of Supermarkets (CAS), the Argentine Supermarket Federation (FASA), self-services nucleated in the CADAM chamber and the General Warehouse Confederation confirmed to BAE Business a series of increases in the gondolas, outside of the Care Prices program.

For example, the head of the Rosario Chamber of Supermarkets, Sergio López, appears to this medium that in recent days « there were 8% increases in meat (two batches of 4%); cold cuts, 9% ; cheeses, 5%; dairy, 8% ; cleaning supplies, between 3 and 4%; pork, 5%, chicken 4%; toilet 2 to 3%; derived from flour, 3% « .

Meanwhile, the president of the General Warehouse Confederation, Fernando Savore, also reported that  » the grass in the last fifteen days increased more than 10% ; to the same as sunflower oil , while cheeses rose from 15 to 18% « .

« A well-known and great company uploaded all its ‘red line’ products, cookies in general, sweets, sweets, » added a third source from the « mass consumer inter-chamber. »

Deceived consumers

On the other hand, Savore indicated that another phenomenon that occurs is the changing labels to avoid official blueprints , something persistent from last year.

« In the case of sunflower oil, is the increase plus the label refill « said the Morón-based businessman, who also heads the Buenos Aires Warehouse Federation (FABA).

In all cases they analyzed that « to the economic and health uncertainty, a more complex situation is added as the weeks go by with a flat consumption. February is a complicated month for our businesses, more in a pandemic situation and economy with no clear horizon « , analyzed other sources that preferred off the record.

Two executives indicated that « there are some missing goods such as oil, yerba mate and alcoholic beverages, in the products that are contained in both Maximum Prices and Care Prices where they are careful not to underline. »

However, he said that « when it comes to products outside the programs established by the Government, we have increases in basic goods and some cases of changes in presentation and barcodes. »

Hot prices

During the first half of February, inflation maintained high levels for the basic food basket and the increases were especially high in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

According to the consulting firm Consumidores Libres, average prices rose 2.99%, while meat increased 3.95% outside the official agreement. This was announced this week to BAE Negocios by the head of Free Consumers, Héctor Polino. Meanwhile, a LCG report highlighted that at the national level in the second week of February the rise in food prices averaged 0.7%, slowing 0.23% compared to the previous week.

The prices of the foods that make up the basic basket had an increase of 3.3% in January, which in the last twelve months reached 36.68%, according to the survey of the consulting firm Focus Market, which also reported that the Oil, condiments and bread were the product families that led the increases for the month.

“The food and beverage index presented an average monthly inflation of 5% in the last four weeks and 4.7% measured end-to-end in the same weeks. These price levels leave a drag for the remainder of February of 3.5%, « adds LCG. « This is a significant increase (2.99%), compared to 2.15% in the first half of January, » said Polino.