Manchester United host Fulham

05/17/2021 at 7:01 PM CEST

Next Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. the match of the thirty-seventh day of the Premier League will be played, in which we will see the victory at Manchester Utd and to Fulham in the Old trafford.

The Manchester United He wants to rediscover the victory in the match corresponding to the thirty-seventh day after having lost his last match against him Leicester city by a score of 1-2. Since the beginning of the season, the locals have won 20 of the 36 games played to date with a figure of 70 goals in favor and 42 against.

Regarding the visiting team, the Fulham he was defeated 3-1 in the last match he played against the Southampton, so he hopes to end his losing streak and redirect his trajectory in the tournament. To date, of the 36 games the team has played in the Premier League, they have won five of them with 26 goals for and 50 against.

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Regarding home performance, the Manchester United has a balance of nine wins, six losses and three draws in 18 games played at home, indicating that the Fulham you may have a chance to get a positive score in this match. At home, the Fulham has a balance of three wins, seven losses and eight draws in 18 games played, which means that he will have to put a lot of effort into his visit to the stadium of the Manchester United if you want to improve these figures.

The two rivals have already met on other occasions in the Old trafford, obtaining as a result 12 wins, a loss and a draw in favor of the Manchester United. In turn, the locals have a total of 11 matches in a row without losing against this rival in the Premier League. The last game they played on Manchester Utd and the Fulham In this competition it was in January 2021 and ended with a result of 1-2 for the locals.

Right now, between the Manchester United and the Fulham there is a difference of 43 points in the classification. The team of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer he ranks second with 70 points on his scoreboard. For his part, the Fulham it has 27 points and ranks eighteenth in the competition.

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