Manchester United devour Real Sociedad in Turin (0-4)

The Manchester United gave a very hard blow to the Real Society in the first leg of the round of 32 Europe League. With the Allianz Stadium in Turin as the home stadium, the Spanish team fell 0-4 to a Manchester United who was superior in physical and hit, with a Bruno Fernandes Y Marcus Rashford decisive in the goals, double for the Portuguese. Daniel James made the fourth. The inaccuracies of the team Imanol Sheriff they were constant and he was unable to react to the English deployment. The turn, in Old Trafford, it seems like a mountain difficult to overcome by Real.

The Real Society the game had not started and had the first setback. Sheriff announced a competitive eleven, with some changes, but merely a starter, with Isak, Oyarzabal Y Januzaj (ex of the Red Devils). Between David Silva Y Mikel merino would lead the team and it would be Illarramendi the one that would pivot. The setbacks came in the rear with the injury of Aritz Elustondo, who felt a sting in the warm-up and forced him to jump from the unexpected start of You Normand and allowed the youth squad López to sit on the bench.

The game started at a devastating pace with chances to Real Y United almost consecutively, neither of us being able to breathe, reaction after reaction. The first to give the scare was Januzaj. The Belgian received from Isak on the right with enough space, he controlled, faced and sought the blow with his left foot. The chut comes out with a beautiful and fine thread that just skims the square of Henderson. It was minute 2.

Not even 30 seconds did the Manchester United in responding to the audacity of his former player. Rashford he sneaked into the area with some ease, thanks in part to his speed and technique, a constant binomial tonight. The Englishman had a heads up with Remiro and the goalkeeper became a giant to win the game against the forward avoiding the 0-1. From one goal to another. The txuri-urdin did not take long to give another lash that forces Henderson to get their fists to avoid the goal in the 3 ′.

After the initial agitation, the physique of the Manchester United -Which cost Wan-Bissaka the yellow one for an ugly entrance to Monreal–, which was going to over and leaving Real Sociedad with little quota of the ball, disconnecting it. Remiro it began to rise as decisive for the Spanish. Another action of pure power, this one from the Scottish McTominay, allowed him to shoot inside the area with his right hand but Remiro block easy. The goal of Cascante repeated heroics shortly after with a casillesca stop before Rashford, who received to push her into the penalty spot after a counter of Greenwood.

Bruno Fernandes breaks the wall

The Manchester United had completely taken possession of the possession and had left watching her come to the Real Society that happened to be limited to the counterattack and the races of Isak, who tried with a gallop from the center of the field but Bailly Y Telles they corrected before it went to major. But the wall of the Basques ended up falling before half an hour.

It was another ball behind the back – the entrance of You Normand at the last minute he penalized the order of the Bailiff-de Rashford with Bruno Fernandes as objective the one that caused the goal of United. The ball went to a difficult area, bounced inside the area and generated the exit of Remiro and the doubts of You Normand Y Zaldúa. In the end, none of the three gets to finish off and the ball surpasses them, staying at pleasure for the Portuguese to push it inside: 0-1.

The Real finished the first part dominating after the several meters that the United, greatly reducing his height in the field in order to preserve the valuable 0-1. David Silva began to appear for the benefit of the rest of the companions. A ball emerged from his boots that would pass through the area and end up in a corner. Of this Merino He invents a distraction play to give back to a Zubeldia that he would shoot the doll.

Amelioration and punishment

After the break, the Real Society He jumped with the intention of improving the result to leave the tie with options. Possession became unquestionable but precision errors and precipitation continued to occur by the Spanish, the United He was waiting for the counter with very fast men and it would hurt. You Normand was the first to test Henderson in the second half with a powerful but very distant shot that caught the English goal in two halves.

The Real managed to peek into the area of ​​the United but it would be the English who would deliver a decisive blow in this second part. Again Marcus Rashford and their speed fired a counter with many troops on the part of the Red Devils. The winger ran to the left and saw the unmarking down the center lane of Daniel James. The pass was precise and reached the Welshman, who played first to Bruno Fernandes that he defined perfectly with his right hand away from the gloves of Remiro. The goal did not go up first. The referee whistled offside and stopped the game until the VAR made it clear what had happened to the ruler and the bevel in hand: there were doubts but the 0-2 went up.

Against him Manchester United would finish sentencing the game. Another loss of Real what catches Fred in his own field and throws very fast for a Rashford he hopes to launch his career very well positioned. With meters ahead, with space between the defender, the young Briton stood before Remiro and he placed it easy on the long stick: 0-3.

On the horn, with hardly any palpable reaction from the Real Society, Daniel James he finished sentencing the tie with the fourth goal. A ball behind the back of Monreal that allowed the Welshman to get into the kitchen and do the 0-4 between the legs of a Remiro that, despite conceding four, was one of the best of his team in Turin. The carrerón of James in the discount, after starting at the start, he was an example of the physical superiority of the English in this match.