The team considers that the absence of the shield damages its image and deprives them of the possibility to license its use.

TheManchester UnitedIt is a team that in recent years has not enjoyed the success to which its history is accustomed. And in the absence of winning things on the field,the team is now seeking victory in court, and for a somewhat incomprehensible reason. According to The Guardian, Manchester United has sued those responsible for Football Manager, the Sports Interactive studio and SEGA,for not including the team shieldin the game, but I know his real name next to a generic shield.

This may sound strange, but it has an explanation. Apparently, United considers that the fact that Football Manager 2020 uses the real name of the team without showing its official shielddamage to the club image, and most importantly, “deprives its official owner of the right to have the club’s crest licensed,” according to his representative. Or, in other words,prevents them from charging the game for the use of their shield, since the game does not use it.

At the preliminary hearing of the trial, the club’s lawyer, Simon Malynicz, stated that fans “expect to see the club’s crest next to his name andthis failure to do so constitutes misuseof the brand. “Anyone who plays Football Manager knows that shields are not a problem, withfan-made image packsfor each club, player and employee in its database. And here, Manchester United’s lawyerHe claims that SEGA and SI have “encouraged” its “supporting patch providers in various ways.”

“And therefore,They have benefiteddirectly from it by avoiding the need to acquire any license and enjoyhigher sales with your game“, explained Malynicz. For his part, attorney Roger Wyand, representative of the defense, explained thatthe use of a generic shield is more than obviousthat “the use of the Manchester United crest has not been licensed”, so there is nothing to violate.

He also explains that restricting the use of the team name in the game would be “an irrational restriction on freedom of expression“in addition to pointing out that Manchester United itselfhas contacted themnumerous times over the yearsto use the Sports Interactive databaseand its browsing and analytical tools, without any problems between the two parties.

Thus,the representative of Sports Interactiveand SEGA in this case affirms that it is more than obvious thatthere is and there will be no damage to the brandof the club for the use of his name in the game without an official shield. We do not know where to end this lawsuit, although it does not seem that the club will make friends in this way. In any case, and in case you haven’t played it, this is the analysis of Football Manager 2020.

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