Manchester City sends him a message with the renewal of Pep Guardiola

The renewal of Pep Guardiola by Manchester City is a clear message for Leo Messi. Last summer the Barcelona striker and the British club flirted and one of the Rosario’s requests was that the Catalan coach continue to lead the team, something that has become official today with the extension of the coach’s contract for two more seasons.

Also, this news It has been made official just one day after Leo Messi exploded in front of the media ensuring that he is tired of being the focus of all the problems that occur in his club. An anger at the ’10’ who invites you to think that your discontent continues and that you could reject any renewal offer that comes to him, so that at the end of the current season he would be a free player.

From England they point out that Manchester City does not even want to wait for the end of the season and would launch to offer 55 million to Barcelona next January. That same month, if he has not renewed before, Leo Messi could negotiate with any team, but it is the British who have a greater interest in him and reuniting with Pep Guardiola would motivate him to get back on the path of European titles.

And is that in the negotiations they had last summer When Messi announced that he wanted to leave the Camp Nou, one of the points that the Argentine forward wanted to address was that of Pep Guardiola’s contract. The ’10’ wanted him to be present during his stay in Manchester the coach with whom he came to touch the sky at Barcelona and was one of the key conditions if the citizen club wanted to convince Leo.

Finally the battle was won by the former president Josep María Bartomeu and Leo Messi he had to continue in the Barça ranks. The months go by and the Argentine continues without renewing his contract, so in Manchester City they already start to do the first movements to seduce the Rosario for the next course. The first of them, the renewal of a Pep Guardiola which is a fundamental asset to be able to reach a good port with the signing of the Argentine.