Manchester City – Borussia Dortmund preview: Haaland, on Guardiola’s path


Act. At 10:19 CEST

The great mystery of Europe is called Erling Haaland. It is difficult to explain how such a young footballer can display these numbers in the Champions League (20 goals in 14 games), but it seems even more difficult to predict what will happen to him in the summer. Although while Mino Raiola walks around the continent looking for the highest bidder, and the clubs pull engineering to find the formula to defray the cost of a signing that is expected to be long, there is only one certainty: Haaland will lead the Borussia Dortmund in the crucial Champions League duel against Guardiola’s Manchester City. With this game ahead, who cares about the summer.

“At that age, scoring that many goals has not been seen much in history. A blind man could see that Haaland is a very good striker & rdquor ;, Pep said in the previous one. The Norwegian attacker has been the great media focus of the previous match. First, because the week started with his agent meeting with Barça and Real Madrid, the previous step to stand to listen to offers from the Premier League. Guardiola, who hours before had communicated to the Kun Aguero The decision not to renew his contract stopped Raiola at a press conference: “There is a great possibility that we will not sign a forward. With these prices we cannot afford it & rdquor ;.

The City, favorite

Transfers aside, the Champions League offers Guardiola another challenge: that of caging Haaland’s voracity. The loot is not small. In sight there are a semifinals of the Champions League, a phase that the Catalan coach has not yet reached in Manchester.

Despite the pomposity of the Norwegian ‘9’, Pep knows that he will have many names in his rival to take into account: Reus and Brandt. Hummels and Bellingham. Can and Dahoud. Veteran players and young talent. The mix that has worked so well in the Ruhr area in recent years, although this season it has been difficult for them to combine their Champions League performance with regularity in the Bundesliga. “There is no player in Dortmund without quality. They spend a lot of money on young promises, and their agents, to have these footballers & rdquor ;, Pep reflected at the weekend, another memory perhaps of Raiola.

Dortmund currently occupy fifth place in the Bundesliga, and their defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt last weekend leaves them seven points behind the Champions zone, with seven games to go. Manchester City, on the other hand, goes through a totally opposite moment, which does favorite in the tie. The celestial ones count the weeks that they have left to reconquer the Premier, consolidated in the leadership with 14 points of margin with respect to the second. But the Champions is his pending account.

Jadon Sancho, outstanding low

“We will try to instill some specific concepts, and from here we will go to win the game. Not to score so many goals, or to speculate. We will win & rdquor ;, Santpedor’s insisted in the previous one, adding: “The mere fact of wanting the Champions League will not make us win games, we know it & rdquor ;. In his favor, he does not have any outstanding casualties. City will be able to count on its entire squad available. Fernandinho and Cancelo they are the only players who, in case of seeing yellow, would miss the return in Dortmund.

The Germanic casualty list, on the other hand, is longer. Sancho, Schmelzer, Witsel, Zagadou and Moukouko they will not be in the Etihad. In the list of warnings for the Germans, only one name, although it is not little: Erling haaland. A big night is coming up at the Etihad Stadium.