“Man, you’re going to throw in the towel”

It is never a good idea to turn on Floyd Mayweather. And hands even if you are going to be his rival in the ring. but for the youtuber Logan paul, There is no challenge that scares him and that is why the next opponent of the American boxer has not blinked at the time of dedicating a full-blown ‘hesitant’ to him and blurting out a: “Man, you’re going to throw in the towel in the sixth round” .

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The fight is already heating up with all kinds of statements. Logan Paul is very confident in his chances of victory to the point that he has dared to predict the end of the fight on June 6 against the legendary boxer.

“I have tried for the last eight months to imagine myself in the future and how I will feel when the time comes and it is here. Another day of work for me, ”Logan Paul began his speech to the media.

“I’ve been waiting for a while for a man in a black suit to come up to me and tell me that he pays me 50 million to quit the fight because they can’t let Floyd lose, but it hasn’t happened. I don’t even care about money. All I want is to defeat Floyd mayweather”He continued.

On how he thinks the fight will end, Logan Paul is clear that it will not be to the points. “Man, you’re going to throw in the towel in the sixth round,” predicted the youtuber. “The question everyone will ask is, ‘Where were you when Logan Paul beat Floyd Mayweather?’ You will remember that moment. You are not going to want to miss it. Pay attention to me ”.

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