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Man United figure who was worth 88 million was arrested for fighting

Julian Bermúdez

August 21, 2020, 12:11 p.m.

The footballer spends a few days off in Mykonos and the event happened there.

This Friday it became known that Harry Miguire was arrested in Mykonos, Greece, after being involved in a fight while he was in a bar with his friends.

The Manchester United player and captain, for whom they paid 88 million euros, local authorities say, got into a fight with another group of Englishmen in a bar and when the police intervened to stop the altercation, three of the footballer’s companions had a fight with the officers.

For this reason, Maguire and his group were detained and taken to a local police station, but even there they continued to verbally attack the officers, which led to a formal arrest.

From the English club they claim to have knowledge of the incident and that the player is cooperating with the Greek authorities.

On the same night on Thursday, cameras captured the Manchester United player enjoying the bars and nightlife in Mykonos, although no one was wearing tobacco.

As has been known in the English press, the clubs that have returned to training after the European summer break have found more than 15 cases of covid-19 after the majority of footballers traveled to other places to enjoy their time free.