Man throws himself from moving plane after trying to enter the cabin

Man throws himself out of a moving plane after trying to enter the cabin in Los Angeles

MiamiMundo / Telemundo 51

A man tried to enter the cabin of a United Express flight on Friday night and, after unsuccessful, opened the cabin door and fled the plane down the emergency slide at LAX, according to authorities.

The man opened a service door and jumped off the United Express flight to Salt Lake City as he was walking away from a door around 7:10 p.m. Friday night, our sister network NBC4 reported.

The man allegedly tried to open the cockpit door several times before jumping out of the plane.

Airport police arrived at the scene and detained the man with unknown injuries. His name was not released.

No one else was injured in the incident, and the plane returned to its doorstep.

Airport police and the FBI were investigating the matter as a possible kidnapping attempt.

According to the FBI, the flight crew reported that a passenger got up from his seat as the plane was taxiing onto the runway and began banging on the cabin door. He then exited the plane through an emergency door and landed on the sidewalk.

The incident marks the second security breach at LAX in two days.

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