A man went viral on social networks, after he spit on products from a supermarket and was subdued in the store by some customers

By: Web Writing

A video have become viral in social networks, because it shows the moment when a man is subdued by some customers after spitting on the products.

The images quickly became tenure on social media.

A group of shoppers in a Massachusetts store approached a man and held him until police arrived after allegedly catching him coughing and spitting on the products, fueling fears of contagion. coronavirus, the man only resulted in minor injuries.

Apparently the video viral It was recorded from inside a Stop & Shop in Kingston last Saturday.

“Don’t try to get up,” one of the buyers says to the man pinned to the floor.

Kingston authorities reported that they have no reason to believe that the individual has Covid-19But he was taken to a hospital in Plymouth as a precaution to undergo tests.