Video of a man who spies on his neighbor and catches her allegedly doing witchcraft goes viral

| 09/16/2020 | ionicons-v5-c09: 12 | Luz Camacho |

COLOMBIA.- Through social networks it was viral the video of a man than spied to its neighbor from the roof of his house and discovers that he was doing, supposedly, a « mooring » of love.

The events occurred in Colombia, and it was the same man who released the video in Youtube.

In the images you can see the man placing a chair to get on it and from there be able to see everything that his neighbor.

The young man in the video is heard saying that the neighbor is doing a ritual of « calzón water« And what happens on the other side of the wall is quite curious, because you can see the girl on her knees in the courtyard, where there is a pentagram painted in chalk. She is also surrounded by candles and seems to speak before what He looks like a voodoo doll and he has red underwear in his hands.

Suddenly the woman wets her underwear in the container with water, so the curious neighbor says that it is « trouser water« .

« I knew it, I knew it! No wonder he is well into awe of her. Look … he’s making her panties. I can’t believe it, » says the subject.

The video, which is unknown if it is real or acted, has so far more than 160 thousand reproductions and has caused controversy among Internet users, some claim that the man committed a crime by spying on and harassing your neighbor and spread the video, while others focused on the ritual and talking about its effectiveness in solving love problems.