The man, with no history of domestic violence, committed femicide because he believed that his partner was sick with coronavirus

AP –

Authorities suspect that fear of coronavirus carried a man in Illinois to kill her couple and later commit suicide.

Patrick Jesernik, 54, and Cheryl Schriefer, 59, were found dead in their home in a suburb of Chicago, Lockport Township.

Agents came to the home Thursday, the Will County Police Department said in a statement.

The two people were carrying bullet wounds and there was a gun next to Jesernik’s body.

Detectives determined that Jesernik shot Schriefer in the neck before killing himself.

According to the police report, family members told police that Jesernik was terrified because he believed that he and Schriefer were suffering from COVID-19 and that she was having respiratory difficulties.

Family members claimed that Schriefer had been screened but had not received the results. The autopsy revealed that neither of them had the virus.

The United States currently has more than 337,000 patients with coronavirus and the death toll exceeds 9,600, according to data from John Hopkins University.