Five people were killed by a man who said they were making noise under his window in the Russian region of Ryazan


A man killed last night shot five people who were supposedly doing noise Under his window in the Russian region of Ryazan, police sources reported today.

“He tried to elope but was unsuccessful and was detained by the police,” a local police spokesperson told Russian agencies.

After a heated verbal exchange between neighbors, the murderer took his hunting shotgun, went down to the portal and shot a group of people who were on the street and whom he had accused on numerous occasions of disturbing him.

According to preliminary data, three of the neighbors were shot in the middle of the street, while two others were shot at their home in the same building.

The incident occurred in the town of Yelatma, in the Ryazan region, 200 kilometers south of Moscow.

“The man, born in 1988, is not in his right mind. He went to a psychiatrist’s office,” added the source.

The dead, four men and one woman, were between 22 and 31 years old.

The investigation of the homicide It has been taken over by the governor of Riazan himself, where a coronavirus quarantine has been in effect since this week.

The Russian health chief has recommended reducing alcohol sales during quarantine, as some regions introduced this week.