Man in San Jose, California, recounts alleged encounter with child Liam Husted before he was found dead on the sidewalk in Las Vegas

A man in San Jose, California, is almost certain that he had an encounter with Liam Husted, before he was murdered and his body dumped on a sidewalk along Mountain Springs Trailnear Las Vegas in Nevada.

The assumption meeting between Ninous Tuman and the 7-year-old It happened before he was reported missing about two weeks ago. However, Tuman could not pinpoint the day he ran into the minor by chance.

The man would have met Liam in the apartment complex in which he resides and in which, apparently, the minor and his family also lived.

The child seemed lost in the hallway or had been left around the area.

“As I was walking outside my apartment in the hallway, I saw a crying, a little boy, and he was crying a lot,” Tuman described in an interview with ABC 30.

A woman and a man came and took the child

When the man was speaking with 911 call system personnel, an individual got out of a car and grabbed the boy.

“It seems his father is here and he took him away from me,” Tuman told the person on the line.

Then a woman, who Tuman believes was the mother, arrived where the child and he seemed to be calm talking with her, according to the interviewee’s account.

“I saw her from afar, but she looks exactly like her,” added the subject while looking at a photo of the suspect in Liam’s murder.

“I cannot say 100%, but 80% can say that it is the same woman,” he insisted. Tuman identified the man as the boy’s father.

According to the source, he tried to comfort the little boy until the adults came to look for him.

“He was crying and mucus was coming out of his nose, and I kept rubbing his head to try to make him feel better. I kept repeating that everything was fine, ‘we are going to find your parents’. He was crying intensely, ”he insisted.

Tuman is devastated that he didn’t do more to save Liam.

Tuman said it does not get over the fact that the boy’s remains were recovered in Las Vegas shortly after.

“I am devastated. I feel so bad, “he said.

“I feel like a bit responsible,” added the man with teary eyes.

“Because I gave it to them … without asking any more questions,” Tuman lamented.

Liam’s mother is the main suspect in the child’s disappearance and murder

Liam’s mother, Samantha Moreno Rodríguez, was taken into custody at a Denver, Colorado hotel on Tuesday as the prime suspect in the homicide of the boy, who allegedly suffered from autism.

The 35-year-old woman wait to be extradited to Las Vegas as part of the criminal prosecution against you.

The female would have left the home where she lived with the boy and his father. The reasons are not clear.

According to the information handled by the authorities, on May 24, the woman traveled by car first to Southern California and then to Nevada. The suspect was also seen traveling in the same car days after Liam’s lifeless body was discovered last month on a hiking trail.

Authorities identified Liam about 10 days after his remains were found at the scene, and after they released digitally enhanced images of the child and a $ 10,000 reward for information leading to the clarification of the case.

The authorities had issued a nationwide arrest warrant against Moreno Rodríguez this Monday.

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