Man goes viral for celebrating his divorce with everything and band

Go through a divorce is usually a complicated situation in many ways; However, there are those who in separation find that ray of light or hope how much they needed to get on with their lives.

That is why sometimes some decide to celebrate their divorce when they have a record in hand with a big party, as if it were the day they got married, and many such scenes have gone viral in recent years.

Like the images that have been circulating on Facebook in recent days, where you can see a man from the state of Coahuila, Mexico, celebrating in a big way the one who has finally obtained his divorce.

In the video circulating on the Internet you can see This person outside the Civil Registry office and next to him is playing a Mexican regional music band, as it is part of his celebration after managing to legally separate from his partner.

“Many have tried to tame this colt, but I have not let myself,” the man is heard singing at the top of his lungs.

The attitude of this man has generated all kinds of comments, from those who have taken the situation with humor to those who have criticized him and have labeled him as a bad man or husband.

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