It is a woman in shock who presented herself to a passerby on Tuesday July 28, 2020. Transported to the hospital, she recounted having been beaten by her companion while she was carrying their baby of seven in her arms. month.

A father of three, living in Besançon, has completely lost control Tuesday July 28, 2020. As reported by L’Est Républicain, while four children were sleeping in their rooms, he violently attacked his partner, who was carrying her seven month old baby in her arms. The reason for the heated argument: a vacation plan and a disagreement. During a blow to the neck of the victim, his head hits the baby’s skull and he starts to cry. To try to calm the baby, he decides to take the baby and continues to inflict many blows on the mother. His kicks pound the body of his companion to the ground. Several objects, such as pots and baby walker, also fly in the air.

Failing to resonate it, she has no other solution than to leave the apartment. However, her attacker does not intend to stop there and pursues her in the street. Baseball bat in hand, the seven-month-old still held against him, he tries to catch her. Terrorized, the victim hides in a bush before rushing on a passerby. The latter takes her to the emergency room at CHRU Minjoz. The medical assessment is heavy: a multitude of lesions on the arms, back, thighs, face (6 days of ITT).

The perpetrator was sentenced to one year in prison

A few minutes later, the police go to the author’s home to arrest him. “I haven’t been well lately. I found myself in a daze, out of control. Looking back, I tell myself that what I did is unspeakable“, replied the aggressor to the president of the court, Wednesday, during his immediate appearance. The judges pronounced against him one year of prison including six months of suspension, accompanied by an obligation of care and a prohibition to contact the victim, with immediate arrest warrant.

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