Mamen Mendizábal wins the applause of many with her message to Aznar in ‘Más Vale Tarde’

Mamen Mendizábal, speaking about Aznar in ‘Más Vale Tarde’ (LaSexta). (Photo: LASEXTA)

Mamen Mendizábal, presenter of the program Más Vale Tarde de LaSexta, commented on Friday the controversial statements of José María Aznar, former president of the Government, accusing the PSOE of using the 11-M attacks to win the elections in 2004.

Aznar did so in a ceremony held together with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, moderated by the Antena 3 journalist Vicente Vallés.

Before issuing Aznar’s statements, Mendizábal has thus referred to what he has said: “Today he has shown again that he has not overcome the defeat of the PP in 2004, his level of resentment is such that he has repeated that the PSOE used the 11-M to win the elections ”.

After broadcasting them, he commented again on what happened: “Well, Aznar clearly has a little job there to do, right? about the past”.

After giving way to the collaborators and making more statements by Aznar, including those referring to the support of some Catalan businessmen to pardons to the prisoners of the procés, stating that they are “to target” and “not to forget.”

“It sounds like a book threat,” Mendizábal said after listening to him. “To aim, not to forget. We know his resentment basically because of what he said about 11-M. I insist, we Spaniards vote at the polls. We put and we remove presidents through the polls. That happened on 11-M. Maybe he should reflect on his government’s lies and stop blaming the terrorists. (…) Really, Aznar forgets that we went to vote. We went to vote ”.

After giving way to Elisa Beni and Carmen Morodo, collaborators of the program, Mendizábal recalled the following: “Very commented phrases by Aznar in that … in that personal story. He has not asked for forgiveness …

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