Maluma with incredible change of look, shaves completely with the help of his mother | Instagram

The famous Colombian singer Maluma has once again surprised his followers on Instagram by showing how his mother shaved his hair, this being his second change during quarantine.

There is no day that Maluma does not surprise us with what he does, be it for his music, his attractive dances or his incredible changes of look.

In recent weeks he has shared with everyone on his social networks how is this quarantine spent locked up in his house and apparently his despair came and he decided to make an extreme change.

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It was two days ago that the Colombian singer shared the process of his change where he chose to shave his hair completely but not alone, since his mother was the accomplice of said act.

He video that he shared in his official account of Instagram you can see Maluma in front of the mirror with the slicer in hand and later he begins to shave his head and asks his mother Marlli Arias for help.

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How was the new look? Thank you mother, you broke iteeee, “wrote the partner.

As expected, Maluma’s followers were left surprised with the radical change of look, but in the same way they fell in love since they have shown that in any way it looks phenomenal.

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With only two days of having published the video, it already has more than 2 million likes and endless comments where they praise him and fill with compliments.

As I would like to do that and look like this haha ​​”,” First the beard … now this … And as if nothing hahaha “, were some of the comments.

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The interpreter of “What a pity“took advantage of the quarantine days to totally change your imageWell, apart from completely shaving his hair in days gone by, he had also removed his beard and his blond tint.

As expected in Twitter they didn’t take long to create trend of Maluma’s cut and even do some memes where they point out that he was another victim of the quarantine.