Maluma is about to close an extraordinary year 2020

Maluma has everything to close this year in a big way, both professionally and personally, it seems that the singer has everything going for him.

Either because of the proximity to the Christmas season or because of the hope that the year will end in an unforgettable way, Maluma has dyed her hair green.

Although she has been experimenting with different shades in her hair for a few months, she recently appeared at the Zinque restaurant in West Hollywood wearing an emerald green shade.

The singer seems to be confident of his luck after his ex Natalia Barulich appeared singing “Hawaii”, one of the interpreter’s most recent singles.

It turns out that at a party that was held at the end of Miss Universe Colombia (where she is a judge), Natalia sang and danced when the topic of her ex rang out at the meeting.

The model of Croatian and Cuban descent was not inhibited to enjoy the music of the event, whose images reached social networks.

In the same way, Maluma seems to have left the love he felt for the model in the past, because now he has a new girlfriend.

Susana Gómez has come to fill Maluma’s life with color and lately they have not stopped spending time together to enjoy every moment of their relationship.

As if that were not enough, the singer has shown some of his trucks and his private plane on his Instagram account.

With pride, he also shares messages about spirituality in the same way that he has made it known that he will be collaborating with Carlos Rivera.

In addition, Jennifer López and Maluma will premiere their new release entitled “Marry Me” at the American Music Awards on November 22nd.

As if it were not enough to close the year with a flourish, now that The Weekend is confirmed to animate the halftime of the next Superbowl, there have been requests that he invite Maluma to the stage to sing together.

Ready for whatever comes next and with an eternal smile, Maluma continues to be one of the most popular artists in Latin America.