The people took action by the opposition to demand the resignation of the country’s president

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BAMAKO.- A protester died and twenty others were wounded today in the Malian capital, Bamako, during mass protests against the president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita (IBK), hospital sources informed Efe.

The vast majority of the wounded are in serious condition, the sources explained, adding that this is a provisional balance that may increase in the coming hours.

Thousands of people took to the streets of Bamako, mobilized by the opposition to demand the resignation of the country’s president and the organization of new legislative elections.

The manifestation It degenerated into acts of violence and despite the fact that the protests were dispersed by the security forces, the tension could last all night, several observers informed Efe.

The manifestation Against the President of the Country, it was organized by an opposition movement made up of important religious and civil society figures such as Mahmoud Dicko, one of the most respected religious leaders and a recent scourge of IBK, in addition to other charismatic figures such as singer Salif Keita.

In today’s protests, protesters, of different ethnicities and political tendencies, presented a ten-point manifesto detailing the different actions to try to paralyze the country, such as blocking cities, bridges and crossings, occupying public services, slowing down the traffic march and refusing to pay fines, among other actions.

At the moment, the IBK president is immune to the protests and has emphatically ruled out repeating the legislation of last April.