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The family Willkerson From the popular series « Malcolm the Middle » returned to popularity 20 years after its premiere, Do you remember their characters? We reveal who they are and what they look like now.

The Serie starring a « dysfunctional family » known as the Wilkerson, will reach the platform of Amazon Prime Video next August 14, after 20 years of its premiere.

It may interest you Malcolm the middle one will come to Amazon Prime Video very soon

Through the episodes of the famous series, the Wilkerson, a family made up of Hall, Lois, Francis, Reese Malcolm, Dewey and Jamie amused audiences with the problems and situations that the brothers, Francis, Reese Malcolm, and Dewey lived with their eccentric parents.

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This series became one of the most popular and included actors known worldwide as Bryan CranstonJane Kaczmarek, Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield Frankie Muniz and Erik Per Sullivan who were responsible for everything that happened in the filming of the American series.

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However, time passes very quickly and after leaving the scene, his actors they looked for other activities, some continued in some artistic projects making films like Cranston and Muniz, some became film directors, while others simply walked away from the cameras, such as Per Sullivan.

Here we show you what the protagonists that filled the afternoons with fun for many viewers.

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The children of marriage Wilkerson They demonstrated the problems and fun situations that three brothers can live who frequently get into various problems even with the same neighborhood, but also the school, the family, etc. Would you recognize all his characters today?

Bryan Cranston / Hall

Jane Kaczmarek / Lois

Christopher Masterson / Reese

Justin Berfield / Francis

Frankie Muniz / Malcolm

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Erik Per Sullivan / Dewey