Málaga win at home after four months without doing so

The Malaga, thanks to the goals of Joaquin Muñoz Y Luis Munoz, in the first half, cut a very negative streak of four months without winning at home and prolonged the pothole of a Vallecano Ray blunt in attack and overflowing.

The victory supposes an important dose of oxygen for the Costa del Sol team and one more stone in the path of Andoni’s squad Iraola, which remains in the promotion for only one point and is removed from the teams that precede it.

With both teams taking positions in the field, a corner came in favor of Malaga that the midfielder Joaquín Muñoz took advantage of with a launch from the edge of the area to beat the goalkeeper Luca zidane with the collaboration of an advocate.

Cold caught the Ray this unexpected move with a stroke of fortune from the malaguistas, but in a short time it began to work and dominate with the quality of the players above Pozo, Guerrero and Alvaro Garcia.

The Malaga He gave the ball to the Rayista team, defended himself and looked for quick plays to the counter, especially on the wings with Joaquín Muñoz and Franco-Algerian Yanis Rahmani.

And in another action without apparent danger of the Malaga, midfielder Luis Muñoz, after a center from right-back Ismael Casas, hooked with quality an impressive and spectacular volley, which entered the squad.

Andoni Iraola he moved the bench to try to change the course and turned the whole game into the Malaguista area, which was firmly defending the result and trying with some sporadic actions to definitively sentence.

The meeting was entering the fateful moments with a well-armed Málaga, who could even score the third, but the defense took Caye Quintana’s shot on the goal line, and a Rayo that squeezed, but lacked consistency and punch.

(+) Look at the summary of Málaga – Rayo Vallecano

2 – Malaga: Dani Barrio; Ismael Casas, Josua Mejías, Juande, Matos; Rahmani (Alexander González, m. 90), Luis Muñoz (Jairo, m. 81), Escassi, Joaquín Muñoz (Caye Quintana, m.67); Jozabed (Benkhemassa, m.67) and Chavarría (Lombán, m.90).

0 – Rayo Vallecano: Luca Zidane; Advíncula, Martín (Joni Montiel, m.46), Catena, Fran García; Antoñín (Andrés, m.46), Óscar (Ulloa, m.82), Trejo (Baby, m.68), Álvaro; Pozo and Guerrero (Qasmi, m.68).

Goals: 1-0, M.3: Joaquín Muñoz. 2-0, M.25: Luis Muñoz.

Referee: Sagués Oskoz (Basque Committee). He admonished the locals Joaquín Muñoz (m. 59) and Luis Muñoz (m. 76) and the visitor Trejo (m. 29).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-sixth day of the SmartBank League played at the La Rosaleda stadium in Malaga behind closed doors.