Málaga press for the loan of Dani Martín

Jordi Santamaría Seville

The Málaga CF has been negotiating with Real Betis for days and with the player’s agents the incorporation of Asturian goal Dani Martín, who has just joined training with the first team from Verdiblanco after overcoming a period of ten quarantine after testing positive for Covid on the Swiss stage despite being vaccinated.

Dani Martín has a contract with Real Betis for three seasons more, until June 2024, and the Verdiblanco club seeks to give it up so that it can gain experience and recover sensations, after hitting the entire 2020/21 season in white because of two important injuries, one ankle with the sub 21 team in September – Today he should be at the Tokyo Olympics with the Olympian- and another knee ligament in December, having to undergo surgery in both cases.

Cope Málaga has announced this Thursday that the agreement between Real Betis, Málaga CF and Dani Martín is now complete and the transfer of the player will be made public in the next few days, probably before the Real Betis expedition to England leaves on Monday to carry out its second stage, although the player handles more offers and Betis intends that eThe club that takes over your services will take over practically all of your file, in order to release salary mass. The talks with Málaga, according to sources from the Verdiblanco club, exist, but are not yet closed, as there are also other options on the table.

Real Betis currently has four goalkeepers on their payroll: Rui
Silva, Claudio Bravo, Joel Robles and Dani Martín, and the idea of ​​the club is to stay only with the first two, give in to the Asturian and release the card from Getafense, who has a year remaining on his contract.

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