Perhaps it was that the solo film about the iconic smuggler premiered at an inopportune moment; that is, shortly after The Last Jedi (2017) fueled hatred for the novel installments of the intergalactic franchise. But regardless of the reason, Solo: A Star Wars Story It was a box office failure, and as the money drained away, the same seemed to be happening with the odds of a sequel. However, there are fans who still have that hope and are asking Disney not to let that promise of the saga die.

This Monday, May 25, the day two years after the premiere of that unfortunate spin-off, the hashtag # MakeSolo2Happen became a trend on Twitter. And just as it happened in 2019, several Internet users took the anniversary as an excuse to demand a second part about the young Han Solo, played by the Californian Alden Ehrenreich.

In terms of cast, Solo: A Star Wars Story meant the incorporation of top-notch celebrities – Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson and Donald Glover – within the franchise. In addition, its outcome revealed the return of an antagonist who, although unforgettable, we had not seen on the big screen for decades. In short, there are grounds for a continuation; it only remains to see if Disney and Lucasfilm dare to make it a reality.

Last month, Jonathan Kasdan (co-writer for Solo) suggested that a sequel is not currently in the House of Mouse’s interests and expressed no hope that a big-screen proposal will be developed. However, if we consider the gleaming window that the Disney + streaming server became to expand the Star Wars universe, the adventures of Han, Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon could be resumed in serial format.

Here are some tweets posted by more than one supporter of the 2018 movie, subject to the hashtag # MakeSolo2Happen.

“It’s a crime to be hooked like this!” Exclaims @PixelatedHaze, referring to the unexpected appearance of Darth Maul.

«[La secuela de Solo] It would work best as a Disney + show, and that show would be called Crimson Dawn. Maul has Qi’ra in command of daily operations and would only make brief cameos within the series, ”@JacobsQuest proposes.

“On the way to work. Chewie, make sure our rear deflector shields are activated! I bet I do this in 12 parsecs or less. Hit it! ”Says @ wolfking20ten at play, attaching photos of a truck with the hashtag written on its windows.

“A sequel would be an appropriate addition to my collection,” @ PhiWalsh603 asserts, and the photo reveals the space reserved within the user’s Star Wars collection.

“Because I need more Lando,” confesses @star_warner, who obviously loved Han Solo’s young colleague, played by the charismatic Donald Glover.

“The # MakeSolo2Happen fan group is full of positivity. I tweeted that a sequel to Solo is unlikely and I wasn’t attacked by crowds telling me about things. While the Star Wars fandom has its toxic pockets, the people in this movement are what I love about the Star Wars fandom, ”celebrates @PeterSciretta.

“She just doesn’t deserve all the hell they put her through,” declares @ EverythingSW66, attaching a series of stills from the film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story, directed by Ron Howard, can be purchased digitally through Prime Video.