Makes a gorgeous cosplay of Elizabeth Liones from The Seven Deadly Sins

Makes a magnificent cosplay of Elizabeth Liones from The Seven Deadly Sins

One of the best Elizabeth Liones cosplay you will ever see

The anime The Seven Deadly Sins has quite peculiar characters, full of very unique abilities and skills, but one of the characters that has won the affection of many thanks to his charisma is Elizabeth Liones.

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This character is full of surprises and that is why he is one of the favorites when making some artistic representation, especially cosplays that will blow your mind by their realism.

However, this time we highlight the work of GeniMonster from Reddit, who wanted to share a cosplay inspired by the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones and the current reincarnation of Goddess Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Liones – Seven Deadly Sins – [self] from NanatsunoTaizai

As you will see, the cosplayer has decided to use the casual outfit of said character, a shirt with pink sleeves, a blue bow at the neck, and is wearing very flirtatious a short blue skirt without forgetting its long and smooth golden hair.

Do you think this cosplay is missing something?

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