If you have not yet made your annual declaration for fiscal year 2019 before the Tax Administration Service (SAT), you are still on time, since the deadline was extended to June 30 due to the current health contingency. Read: They warn that unemployment will affect more young people

This annual declaration is presented by legal entities, that is, people who work for the Government (whether federal, state or municipal), public institutions recognized by law, civil or mercantile societies, unions, professional associations, companies cooperatives and mutuals, associations, foreign legal entities of a private nature, and all those institutions recognized by law.

The natural persons required to file the annual return are:

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Those who are in the Professional Services Regime that earn income on their own or that issue proof of fees.
 Those who carry out business activities.
 Those who collect rents for some real estate.
 They receive interest or dividends. If they sold or bought any real property.
 Those who received income from wages of two or more parents.
 For those who receive annual income that exceeds 400 thousand pesos.
 If they received income from compensation or retirement and from activities of agriculture, livestock, fishing and forestry.

Who does not file an annual return?

Individuals who work for a company or employer during the previous year, are not required to file the return, however they can make deductibles at any time of the year. In other words, the employee does not file a statement but it is the same company that does it.

However, you can make your annual statements, if you wish. For this you must request before January 31 of each year the “Proof of Withholdings and Perceptions of Workers” with which you can make your statement and recover money, if you have a favorable balance, through personal deductions.

How can I have a favorable balance?

You can deduct all your factors as:

Medical services, hospital or ophthalmic expenses.
 Insurance of major medical expenses.
 Tuition fees.
 Mortgage credits.
 School transportation.
 Voluntary contributions for retirement.
 Funeral expenses

But be careful, for an invoice to be deductible, you must cover the payment with your debit or credit card, bank transfer or nominal checks.

What are the requirements to file your 2019 Annual Declaration?

Your 13 digit RFC with homoclave
 Password, you can generate or update it here.
 e.signature in force, renew or generate it, to have the e.signature you have to go to the offices of your SAT delegation. You can renew it here.
 Bank details (Bank and Clabe)
 ONLY if you have a favorable balance.

The steps to follow to file your annual personal and salary return are:

Enter SAT, select returns and click on “file your 2019 annual return for individuals”
 Capture your RFC, password and captcha, you can also enter your e. Signature.
 Once you’ve entered, click on file return.
 In the taxpayer profile section, choose the tax year and type of declaration. If your income was only for salary and wages, you will have the box pre-selected for said income, click next.
 The system will inform you that for pre-filling it has information presented by your employers. Click OK.
 In the income tab you can check your income from wages and salaries.
 In the determination section you can verify the result of the exercise, if you agree click on accept proposal.
 If you obtained a salary in favor, choose one of the following: compensation or refund, if you choose refund, choose an interbank key that the system gives you, or capture a new one to 18 positions, the account must be in your name.
 Verify that it corresponds to the Bank and verify that you are the owner.
 Once you have finished capturing your return, print or save the preview.
 If the information is correct, click send declaration and click yes.
 Download your statement and print it.

If you obtained a favorable balance, in the next days of having made your declaration you will get your money directly to your bank account. You can make this statement online from the comfort of your home every day, including Saturday and Sunday.