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The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is already on its way to becoming the best selling smart bracelet of 2021. One more year, Xiaomi has managed to pull out of its sleeve a product that borders on perfection, which lacks almost nothing. Even so, you can always improve the experience with the Mi Band 6 using third-party apps.

At the time, we already selected the best apps for the Mi Band 5, and before we had already done it with the apps to get more out of the Mi Band 4. Now, we focus on the latest generation of the Xiaomi smart bracelet with the best applications compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 that you can use.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 in different colors.

Apps for Xiaomi Mi Band 6: the best ones you can use

Mi Band 6 Watch FaceNotify & Fitness for Mi BandBrowser for Mi Band 6Sleep as AndroidMi Band FinderGadgetbridgeTools & Mi BandMy Fit

In this selection of apps for Mi Band 6 We choose tools of all kinds with which to get more out of the bracelet. It is possible to find from apps to change the face of the Mi Band 6, even tools that allow unlock features which are not available by default. All of them can be downloaded on Android via Google Play Store.

Mi Band 6 – WatchFace

One of the best apps to change the sphere of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. It has a huge collection of spheres or watch faces to choose from, which can be easily sync with the bracelet so you can configure them with a single touch.

If you are not convinced by dials of the Mi Band 6 by default, this is the application you need to have on your mobile. What’s more, It’s free.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

Notify & Fitness It is a classic among the apps for Xiaomi Mi Band. Although for now does not include official support for the latest version of the bracelet, its developer is already working on implementing it, and it will be available very soon.

It is a app that completely replaces the official Xiaomi app, and that in turn provides many functions that are not available in Mi Fit. From the ability to change the face, customize notifications, create alarm clocks with custom vibration patterns and much more.

Browser for Mi Band 6

It is a paid app, but without a doubt it is one of the Essential apps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. With her, it is possible receive directions from Google Maps directly on the wristband, so you don’t have to take your mobile out of your pocket when navigating, either on foot or by car.

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android analyzes your sleep cycles to advise you on how to improve your habits.

While it is not a specific app for the Xiaomi Mi Band, Sleep as Android takes advantage of the ability of the wristband to monitor our sleep, to generate much more detailed statistics, offer us suggestions to improve sleep

Mi Band Finder

With Mi Band Finder, you can find any Mi Band that is around you. The application has a scanner capable of identifying the MAC address of the Mi Band, to know if it is close to you.

The best of all, without a doubt, is the signal strength indicator, which generates a graph in which you will see how close you are to your Mi Band 6 the closer you get to her.


Gadgetbridge was born with the goal of becoming the definitive app to manage wearables of any brand, with a private approach and compatibility with dozens of models from different companies.

It allows manage alarms, notifications, search for the bracelet and much more. It is a free app based on an open source project.

Tools & Mi Band

With Tools & Mi Band you can make the most of your bracelet Mi band 6, thanks to the ability to configure your own notifications for incoming calls and applications, use more advanced activity monitoring functions, view configurable heart rate graphs and much more.

The app has already been updated to add compatibility with the Mi Band 6, so you have no excuse not to give it a try if you already have the latest version of the Xiaomi bracelet.

My Fit

My fit for Android

The Mi Fit app is compatible with all generations of Mi Band.

I could not miss, of course, the official app of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, Mi Fit. Thanks to her it is possible synchronize the bracelet with our smartphone, configure notifications and change all the settings of the Mi Band.

It also includes access to health and activity functions of the bracelet, including the charts and reports that Mi Fit generates automatically based on the information registered by the wearable. With it, it is also possible change the dial of the Mi Band 6 and choose one of those designed by Xiaomi.

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