Who said we can’t make fast food at home? Although Mc Donald’s local chains are very famous, without a doubt, with the necessary ingredients and time, we can recreate their famous nuggets and much richer! Follow the step by step.

June 23, 2020

If you went to Mc Donald’s, more than anything with the smallest and smallest of the house, surely they asked you nuggets with the Happy Box. What if we better try to make them at home? These nuggets they are real chicken, without flavorings, preservatives or colorants.

Paulina Cocina, the famous youtuber of culinary recipes and easy to make, brings us an ideal preparation: inside the « dough » of homemade nuggets you can add vegetables, herbs, whatever you like. They may be fried or baked. Of course, they can be frozen perfectly.

Chicken nuggets, better than at Mc Donald’s!

Ingredients (for 1 dozen nuggets)

1 chicken breast 1 tbsp. cream cheese pan 2 slices of sliced ​​bread 1 glass of milk Flour – qty. nec. Breadcrumbs – qty nec. Salt and pepper 1 egg Frying oil (if fried)

Step by Step:

Place the slices of sliced ​​bread in the milk. Remove the fat, the white strips and any undesirable from the chicken. Place the chicken in the processor and process until it is a paste that will be the base of the filling of our chicken nuggets. Add the cream cheese, the breads soaked in drained milk, salt and pepper to the chicken in the processor. Reprocess. We will have a more consistent pasta. Form with this paste the chicken nuggets: first balls. The secret so that the balls do not get stuck in the hands is to have your hands slightly wet with water. Then we pass these balls through flour and crush them, leaving the shape of the nuggets. Attenti! for this step it is the other way around: you wipe your hands because otherwise everything sticks to you. Pass the chicken nuggets by egg and then by breadcrumbs. It does not matter how you have your hands, it is already a disaster. The way I give them, I just squash the balls a little. If the dough is well done it is very easy to give it the shape you want. Fry in very hot oil until golden on both sides. They can also be baked, with a little oil underneath. Done, nuggets in a better style than Mc Donald’s!