The burgers They seem to be a long-standing wish for dieters, vegetarians, or vegans. Although there are soybeans, how about we change the recipe a little and change the content?

Today we bring you a delicious option with oatmeal and carrot: We combine the great properties of oats, which allows you to lose weight, control sugar levels and improve digestion, with the benefits of carrots, which help fight constipation, rich in potassium and phosphorous, and also strengthen nails and The hair. There are no excuses for not preparing these healthy burgers!

Prepare your favorite dish with this oatmeal and carrot burger. Oatmeal and carrot burgers.


Onion 1/2
Garlic 1 clove
Water 60 milliliters
Carrot 1
1 handful of parsley
Olive Oil 3 tablespoons
Breadcrumb 2 tablespoons
Soy Sauce 4 tablespoons
Oatmeal 100 grams

Oatmeal and carrot burgers.


Peel a carrot and grate it. Also, finely chop a clove of garlic and a handful of fresh parsley. Cut an onion into very small pieces, if you can grate it better.
In a bowl, pour all the ingredients: the oat flakes, the breadcrumbs, the carrot and the grated onion, the garlic clove and the parsley. Stir gently, and now add the water and soy sauce. Stir everything until you have a dough that allows you to manipulate it into a hamburger shape (add a little more water, if necessary).
With the dough you just prepared, go forming hamburgers.
In a pan with hot oil, fry the patties and place them on absorbent paper. Serve on your plate.