Major scientific journal blames Zubat for Covid-19

A major scientific research journal is not doing enough research and now it appears that Pokémon is guilty of COVID-19.

Pokémon has long been the inspiration of science for some things. First a related gene with cancer he had to change his name and then a protein was named Pikachu.

But this time it seems that someone had very ugly crossed the cables inside an important scientific journal, as we can see the name of a Pokémon in a study of COVID-19.

It is the fault of Zubat

Thanks to an epic trolling that will surely go down in internet history as one of the funniest and most successful ever seen on the web, a group of people decided to send a supposedly professional study with many references to videogames, comics and even series.

The journal that published this article is the American Journal of Biomedical Science & Research. And curiously, being a research science center, It didn’t occur to them to investigate Zubat, Doctor Gregory House, or Gotham General Hospital, you know, the city that Batman swore to protect from evil.

And it is that the studies mention that the Cyllage City (a city from the Pokémon universe, from the X / Y versions) presented cases of COVID-19 despite the fact that its inhabitants have not left the city or had contact with anyone out of the city. It is said in the study that the cases are related to the consumption of Zubat, a bat Pokémon, famous for being a plague in all games.

The study also refers to the Zubat Pokédex entries and the caves where it can be found in the wild. Also, of course, the Kalos region is said to be on alert for possible outbreaks. Kalos is the fictional region of Pokémon X / Y.

Seriously, this study is a gem to read, because even in the references we can find Sick Joy, Jesse and James, Wayne High School and even Ash Ketchum himself.

We leave the original study here for you to read before it disappears, although it has been available since March of this year.