Currently, public health services are saturated, in fact, protocols complicate care in medical emergencies. This scenario makes it much more necessary to hire a Insurance of major medical expenses.

According to the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), no one is exempt from suffering an accident that threatens their health. In such circumstances, if you do not have medical protection, it would mean spending thousands and thousands of pesos to cover the expenses.

Major Medical Expenses Insurance, great investment. | Photo: Pxhere

How do major medical expenses insurance work?

According to AMIS, this type of insurance is a financial product in exchange for a premium (cost of insurance) that guarantees the expenses generated by illness or accident for the owner and the beneficiaries.

The AMIS indicates that the medical expenses covered by the insurer are limited to the insured amount established in the policy. There are two types of coverage for your insurance:

Basic coverage: covers medical fees, medications, diagnostic aids, hospital expenses, treatments, braces, and nurses’ fees.
 Additional coverage: covers emergencies abroad, funeral expenses, international coverage, dental, accidental death and loss of limbs.

Factors influencing the cost of insurance:

 Medical tab
 Deductible and coinsurance

Other important elements:

Deductible: Amount of money you contribute each time a claim occurs, so that the insurer compensates you.
 Coinsurance: It is a percentage that defines how much you must pay of the total expenses covered by the insurance after the deductible. Because it is a percentage, the higher the cost of the unforeseen, the more you will have to pay.

The Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions indicates that the coverage will have a limit depending on the type of policy contracted.

There are many insurance companies that offer this product. If you have the decision to hire it, before choosing, review all the options on the market, looking for the most convenient in its relationship between coverage and price.