Major League Baseball Season 2021 Batting Leaders After Opening Day

The season 2021 from Big leagues (MLB). It started last Thursday and without a doubt, it started with surprises and that is why we show you the “early birds” below. leaders from batting after the Opening Day.

Just over 40 games were played at the start of the season 2021 and surprisingly from the Opening day of the MLB, players started at full speed and that is why this Monday they wake up like the leaders from batting of the Bell.


Cedric Millins (Baltimore Orioles) .692 Corey Seager (Los Angeles Dodgers) .667 Yermin Mercedes (Chicago White Sox) .643.


Ketel Marte (Arizona D-Backs) – 9 hits Yermin Mercedes (Chicago White Sox) – 9 hits Cedric Millins (Baltimore Orioles) – 9 hits

Home runs

Gary Sanchez (New York Yankees) – 2 home runs Buster Posey (San Francisco Giants) – 2 home runs Nick Castellanos (Cincinnati Reds) – 2 home runs Eric Hosmer (San Diego Padres) – 2 home runs Evan Longoria (San Francisco Giants) ) -2 home runs

Towed races

Nate Lowe (Texas Rangers) – 9 runs Kyle Tucker (Houston Astros) – 7 runs Eric Hosmer (San Diego Padres) – 6 runs

Stolen bases

Javy Báez (Chicago Cubs) – 2 steals Marcus Semien (Toronto Blue Jays) – 2 steals

Today, April 5, the action continues in the nascent harvest 2021 of the MLB and where these players will seek to continue contributing in a meaningful way to still be among the so far the leaders in batting.