Maite Perroni responds to accusations of infidelity

Maite Perroni is in the middle of rumors of infidelity, and it is that in recent days, the former RBD was designated as the third in discord in the marriage of Claudia Martin and the television producer, Andres Tovar. For Maite, this is a situation that she does not intend to tolerate and, through her lawyers, she initiated a legal process to find those responsible for this defamation, among whom could also be her ex, Koko stambuk.

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar© @ atovarpMaite Perroni is willing to find the person responsible for starting the rumors of infidelity with Andrés Tovar

The actress also reacted legally, after it was published in a national magazine that she had been the one who caused the couple to break up. Claudia allegedly found messages on her still husband’s cell phone in which Maite was involved.

“Maite Perroni will take action on the matter and through the lawyer Guillermo Pous will initiate legal action against whoever is responsible, this for defaming and spreading false information that threatens the image and reputation of the exRBD”, they assured in the Mexican program, Hoy.

In the same program, Maite’s lawyer told how they have progressed in the case, and pointed out that both Martín and Koko Stambuk were involved: “We have identified and who was the writer of that note, despite the fact that it was signed with a pseudonym, and we have perfectly located and with the test, detected and we know how that information arrived: on the one hand, Mrs. Martín and also the other part that was the one with which they tied the rest of the note … -the ex of Maite Perroni- is part of the people who participate in this narrative for the publication of the note ”.

Claudia Martín’s sentimental and legal reaction

On the morning of June 1, in the program Sale el Sol, of which Andrés Tovar is a producer, his separation with Claudia Martín was confirmed. “They have been separated for several months. They are not together, but there is no one, there is no third party in disagreement as is being commented in a magazine ”, said the presenter Ana Maria Alvarado. They even commented on camera that it was a mutually agreed decision.

Ana Martín and Andrés Tovar© @ atovarpClaudia Martín expresses her feelings through social networks

After the news, Claudia published a series of phrases on her Twitter account, revealing her feelings. “Intuition is not wrong”, “Who does not know what he is looking for, does not understand what he finds” and “Acts will always have the last word” were some of his messages. But it was until this morning that the Burning Fire actress confirmed through a statement her separation with Andrés Tovar.

“I want to inform you that Andrés and I are separated. I am going through a very painful process and for this reason, I would like to live it in private in the company of my loved ones. As a woman, I will always be in favor of supporting each other, that is why I ask you respect for me and the people who have unfortunately been involved in this situation ”, you can read on their social networks, where they no longer photos appear with Andrés.

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