Maisa Silva celebrated her 18th birthday with live at home. The SBT presenter was surprised with a tribute from Selena Gomez and could not help crying. In her testimony, the American congratulated the Brazilian actress and singer on the philanthropic side of the party. Maisa was also surprised by Luan Santana, who sang a song for her, ‘Te Esperando’, the birthday girl’s favorite song. Videos!

Maisa Silva was surprised on live when she turned 18, hours after posting the first bad words on the web. The SBT presenter got a message from Selena Gomez and couldn’t contain her emotion. Other celebrities like Ivete Sangalo also left congratulations for the birthday girl, who also received tribute from Larissa Manoela. In a fun moment, the actress and singer was presented with the “Game of Real Life”. Excerpts from this live will be shown on your TV show, this Saturday (23) starting at 14h15, interrupting a sequence of about two months of reruns.

Selena supported Maisa’s initiative on anniversary

A declared fan of Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Maisa did not hold back tears when she received the message from the American, who cited the fundraiser in favor of the AACD (Association for Assistance to Children with Disabilities). “Happy birthday! It is so cool to see that you are using your program and your birthday to help raise funds in this difficult time. I think it’s amazing!”, Selena pointed out. “I hope you’re safe,” added the actress. “Ah, I didn’t know! I don’t believe it!”, The Brazilian cheered in tears, compared to her mother due to her physical similarity.

Luan Santana paid tribute to Maisa on her birthday

Who also participated at a distance was the fiance of Jade Magalhães. The singer chose “Te Esperando”, the presenter’s favorite song, which alongside his father recreated a childhood photo for fun on the web. “Why is it that every time he sings ‘Waiting for You’ I cry? This song has a very special meaning in my life. I have known you for so long and I know that you are such a good person!” Sighed Maisa. “You are very important to me!” Added the birthday girl.

Meme involving Maisa was remembered at a party

And Maisa’s live birthday party also had a fun time. Nicolas Arashiro’s girlfriend won a “Real Life Game”, a joke with the classic board game and which brought slips for the young woman to pay. The meme emerged during a TV attraction in which a viewer wanted to win a video game, but was presented with the toy. Her former children’s program colleagues also left messages for the interviewer, who also shows her talent on TikTok. “You know I love you, I say that whenever I can. You are by far one of the best people I have known in my entire life,” said Priscilla Alcântara. “I always thought that she, at the age of 6, was already 18. She, very intelligent, and I, a little late. I love you”, completed Yudi Tamashiro.

(By Guilherme Guidorizzi)

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