Nintendo Switch It has a large number of applications and services, that is something that we cannot deny at this stage of the game, and for all of them to work correctly, it is necessary to perform some maintenance. Thus, this time the function that will be affected by these maintenance tasks is the parental control, which will not be available for a few hours on April 7, 2020. Stay tuned to the following lines to know each and every one of the details about this temporary suspension of the services of this application of the hybrid console of the Big N!

New maintenance scheduled for Nintendo Switch, this time related to parental control

To the surprise of many players, this time the scheduled maintenance on Nintendo Switch It will not affect the eShop or online gaming services, as we are used to, but rather the Parental control, a very important part of the console system, especially for those people most involved with the type of games that the smallest of the house can have access to. Thus, for a few hours, we will not be able to use the following services:

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Nintendo Switch Parental Control Confirmation (April 7, 2020):UK: From 05:30 in the morning until 07:00 in the morningEurope: From 06:30 in the morning until 08:00 in the morning