Maintaining a handyman on electric cars

Overcome the syndrome of energy anxiety and convinced to switch to an electric car, the only problem that remains to be known is that of maintenance. It will depend on each electric model, so we will tell you what you can do.

At present, boxes have proliferated where the most handyman can carry out the maintenance of combustion cars, such as changing the oil and its filter, the air filter, the spark plugs, draining the coolant liquid and some things beyond simply monitor the condition and pressure of the tires. A way to save significantly on annual reviews.

However, in electric cars, maintenance is very different. It is the only important detail that remains to be known after being convinced of the advantages of the electric car and overcoming the syndrome of energy anxiety, that feeling of running out of energy, despite having plenty. Especially for handymen, knowing what to do in your new car is essential.

The charging port of the Skoda ENYAQ iV should not be cleaned under any circumstances

From the outset, and depending on the model, the revision of an electric car compared to that of a combustion one, comes to be between 20 and 35% cheaper. Electric cars have similar intervals to monitor some special parameters such as the liquid in the battery cooling system, if you have this system. Brakes hold longer – rotting duplicate the review of these– thanks to the regeneration system, although it is advisable to pay more attention to the tires.

As you can see, handymen can barely make their mark on these cars, but yes there is one possibility left: to refill the windshield fluid. It is the most that can be done, since some new models have the front hood blocked directly, and can only be opened at the dealership. Manufacturers estimate that there is nothing interesting to play bass the panel.

In fact, some liquids are under the cabin, so we don’t have access to them either. It is not even recommended to clean the battery charging port, much less internal connectors, cable connections and battery. Electric cars are no longer the preserve of handymen.

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