Apple just released watchOS 7 a few minutes ago. This update is loaded with very, very interesting news. From sleep monitoring to family settings mode to Siri enhancements, This operating system update takes the Apple Watch to its full potential.

Family setup: Apple Watch accommodates young and old

Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 33 05

The family configuration allows us to pair more than one watch with our iPhone so all watches retain your phone number and personal account. So children and seniors who do not have an iPhone can enjoy the Apple Watch equally.

In this mode we can manage all the clocks from the Watch app on our iPhone. This management allows us, for example, decide with whom our children can talk, which apps they download or limit the use of the watch during school hours. We can also use the Search app to locate all devices and receive notifications when users arrive home or are not where they should be.

Thanks to the cellular connection, necessary to activate this mode, the Apple Watch is capable of call 911 if you detect a heavy fall, an important function for the elderly. Plus, we can customize exercise and “standing” goals to keep us more active without pushing ourselves too hard. Some objectives that, in the case of children, substitute calories for minutes of movement, a much more relevant fact.

Finally, thinking of the younger users mainly, now we can create memojis directly on the Apple Watch, a function that until now was only reserved for the iPhone or iPad.

Spheres: 7 new designs

Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 33 18
Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 33 18

Apple has introduced seven new watchOS 7 watch faces. Furthermore, in this new operating system we can share our sphere with anyone and download or receive spheres already configured through the web or our contacts. The news are as follows:

GMT: showing us multiple time zones.
Count up: which includes an elapsed time counter that we can access very quickly.
Chronograph Pro: which has a tachymeter to count speeds.
Typograph: where we can choose between many fonts to show the hours.
Artist– With creative designs created by Jeff McFetridge.
Memoji: where we can place our Memoji and see it react when we touch the screen.
Stripes: showing thousands of color combinations to create flags or adapt to the colors we wear on a specific day.

With the complications Apple also goes a step further and adds several new ones, such as the world clock, in addition to allow apps to display more than one complication in the same sphere.

Sleep monitoring: the Sleep app and Sleep Mode

Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 33 30
Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 33 30

With watchOS 7 comes sleep monitoring with which we can get a quick overview of our sleeping hours. When it is time to sleep our Apple Watch, and also our iPhone, go into Sleep Mode, lowering the brightness of the screen and activating Do Not Disturb mode.

Our Apple Watch will notify us when we must go to sleep each night and every morning he will receive us with a graph in which we can see how we are doing this week. In addition to this graph we will see the weather forecast, the battery status and some other information of interest. If one day we wake up before the alarm goes off, a single touch allows us to turn it off.

Fitness, Hand Washing and Hearing Health

Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 33 38
Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 33 38

In the health and training section, Apple has added new workouts such as dancing, functional strength training and abdominal exercises. All the information from our training sessions is saved in the Activity app, which is now called Fitness. From here we can consult our data, view statistics, share progress with our friends or participate in competitions.

Through machine learning and ML, the Apple Watch is able to use motion sensors and microphone information to detect when we are washing our hands. Upon detection starts a 20-second timer, the recommended time for a full wash.

Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 34 11
Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 34 11

In the field of hearing health we will now receive a weekly hearing safety notification. A notification that allows us, for example, to automatically lower the volume of the headphones if we reach the weekly limit recommended by the WHO or establish a limit. In the Health app of our iPhone we can consult a graph of the sounds to which we have been exposed, both from our environment and from our own headphones.

Siri: translations, dictation improvements and dedicated app

Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 34 01
Screenshot 2020 09 16 At 12 34 01

Apple has also improved the capabilities of our favorite assistant on the Apple Watch. Now we can use the Siri translation directly on our watch to translate in 10 languages. The dictation processing also improves so that both in speed and in precision we will notice a quite substantial change.

Last but not least, Shortcuts app comes to Apple Watch so that we can run our favorite automations directly from our watch, both from its dedicated app and from the complications that we can add.

How to install iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 on our devices

watchOS 7 is a very important change for the Apple Watch. The amount of new features is more than considerable and the new functions really make a difference in the use we give to our watch. Do you want to try it? We can now install watchOS 7 on our Apple Watch Series 3 or later, let’s go there.