The mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), said he was not bothered by Centrão’s approach to President Jair Bolsonaro and that the attempt to build a government base facilitates his work.

The possibility of indicating a name to command the Dnocs was used by the leader of the PP in the Chamber, Arthur Lira (AL), to garner support in the Chamber. Pre-candidate for Maia’s succession, he forwarded the nomination to deputy Sebastião Oliveira (PL-PE), according to sources.

Asked about this Lira movement and about his relationship with the PP leader, Maia said he had a great relationship with his colleagues. “Great relationship with all the leaders, I don’t mix things up because, if a party wants to participate in the government, what does this have to do with my relationship with the party here in the Chamber of Deputies?”, Replied the deputy.

For Maia, it is a democratic right for a party to want to defend the government’s agenda. “It is legitimate for the government to have the right to organize its base. Whether it is with the PP or with other parties, it is the government’s right to set up this base in a transparent way so that society has information about how the relationship is with the government with the Brazilian parliament “, he said.

He denied that the movements are an attempt to empty his power in the Chamber. “I don’t see it there. The agenda is from the mayor. The agenda is the president. Whoever has the responsibility to guarantee votes for the government are the government leaders and the parties that are part of their base. Quite the contrary, I I think that the government having a base even facilitates my work. Many times I was forced to fulfill the role of articulating the majorities, which is not the role of the mayor, “he said.

Maia even said that this base could be held responsible for the mistakes and successes of the projects he supports.

Maia received in the Chamber today the visit of ministers Luiz Eduardo Ramos and Braga Netto. He denied that he was talked about a possible meeting between him and Bolsonaro and said he has a great relationship with the two ministers.

“They came to pay a visit to exchange ideas about the agenda and the current situation. It was a great meeting, I have a good relationship with both,” said Maia. “We cannot mix political conflicts with those ministers who are organizing, coordinating the government’s political agenda and public management,” he said.

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