Mahle proposes a new electric motor that does not use magnets

In recent times we have seen an exemplary offensive of electric cars. If we look at their technical sheets we will see that, for the most part, they equip permanent magnet synchronous motors, a very recurrent configuration in this type of mechanics. However, now Mahle proposes a new electric motor that does not use magnets and that offers advantages in some fields such as caring for the environment or low production costs.

This German component specialist company aims to eliminate the use of rare earths used in electric motors with magnets. Some such as neodymium are often used and the problem is that its extraction sometimes does not go hand in hand with sustainable exploitation. Not to mention that some countries like China have restricted their export and it can be difficult to secure their supply. So Mahle’s magnetless electric motor advocates a more sustainable production without losing other strengths that are present in these mechanics.

Because despite not using magnets, offers very high efficiency, encrypted above 95% at almost all operational points. If we start to compare, only Formula E cars had achieved values ​​of this nature. Another advantage is that it uses the inductive power transmission, which means that the engine works without any wear on its parts. From the beginning it announces that it does not need maintenance because the necessary transmission of electrical currents between the rotating parts is done without contact.

Mahle’s magnetless electric motor stands out for its high speed efficiency and durability, but it also promises to be highly versatile. It can use in all kinds of cars, from utility vehicles to large commercial vehicles, being easy to scale. In addition, the German firm believes in its viability for the future and affirms that the production process is faster and cheaper than in other cases. We will see if in a while some manufacturer begins to bet on this type of mechanics that has so many advantages, a priori.

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