MagSafe Duo is less powerful than the single MagSafe charger

Apple has updated its website with new details about the MagSafe Duo charger, the charging base with MagSafe technology that allows you to charge the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch.

MagSafe Duo charger with iPhone 12 and Apple WatchThe new MagSafe Duo charger is an accessory that allows the iPhone and Apple Watch to be charged on a magnetic pad.

Among the new details, a trivial one that has set off alarms is the charging power, being slower than the current MagSafe charger.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, commented on Twitter about it that, In the same conditions with the 20W power adapter from Apple, compared to the normal MagSafe charger, the MagSafe Duo offers only 11W of output, reaching a peak of 14W if the next most powerful power adapter is used, the 30W of the MacBook Air.

This means that if we use the MagSafe Duo with the power adapter that Apple recommends by default, our charge will be slower than if we do it with the standard MagSafe charger. With a starting price of € 149.00, to which we would have to add the cost of the 30W charger to achieve its maximum performance, which costs € 55.00 extra, Being able to charge our iPhone at 14W costs us more than € 200.00.

magsafe duo chargerThe MagSafe Duo charger, in ideal conditions and with Apple’s 30W charger, is capable of at most 14W of output, 1 less than the standard MagSafe charger.

It is clear that, beyond the practicality of the charger in terms of transport, its cost cannot be justified in any way with its benefits, which seem extremely limited.

The MagSafe Duo is a dispensable accessory reserved only for a few, and whose only advantage is the union of what would otherwise be two chargers in one.

At the moment the new MagSafe Duo is not for sale and its launch seems to have been delayed to 2021, so We can only refer to experts who have been fortunate enough to receive one from Apple for review.. In any case, it is difficult to justify the investment, and we will see if it finally becomes a success after its launch or just another (expensive) accessory for the iPhone.