The eternal comparison between Lebron James and Michael Jordan for choosing the best player of all time in the NBA, has grown in recent weeks with the reason for the broadcast of the successful documentary about the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 90s, ‘The Last Dance’, in which the Jordan himself is the protagonist.

One of the figures in the NBA world who has joined the comparison between the two players has been Magic Johnson. The Los Angeles Lakers legend, who coincided for several seasons with Michael Jordan in the league, has leaned towards LeBron, who he considers “the player with the best qualities to play basketball in history.”

Johnson’s statements have been picked up by CBS. Despite considering LeBron James as the best to play basketball, he still believes that the greatest of all time is Jordan:

“LeBron is a great basketball player, and I see a lot of people taking credit from him. When I think of complete players, he is for me the best of all, even ahead of Michael Jordan. He is dominating an era that he has made his own. Without However, when I think of ‘best of all’, Jordan always comes to mind. It must be remembered, though, that LeBron James’ career is not yet over. “

In addition, Magic Johnson considers that, if he had the possibility of playing with both, he would better understand Jordan due to all that his characteristics entail.