Magic Johnson explains what the Lakers must do to win in 2022

Former player of the NBA, Magic johnson I explain what I would have to do Angels lakers to be champions next season in the NBA.

The Lakers they are not off the headlines yet. Take a bow, Alex Caruso. But recently, the iconic of the Lakers, Magic johnson, gave options for his beloved team after a premature exit in the Playoffs of the NBA.

Here the suggestions of Magic Johnson:

“Give to Lebron (James) and (Anthony Davis) a shooter. And also, tell Anthony Davis that now he will have to play more center. You can’t let him say, “Hey, I don’t want to play center.” No, no, no, no, first of all, you are with the Lakers and we are trying to win. And for me, it would move to Lebron down, we are asking you to do too much. You can’t ask Lebron let it be the base. That means you’re working hard, you’re getting the ball up, getting everyone on offense, so when can LeBron rest? You have to understand that we want LeBron fresh for the playoffs. So let someone else bring it to him. “

They are very good suggestions of Magic johnson He already has a base or what he is saying and the most that helps is that he is an experienced player in the NBA.

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