Disney + has ended the free trials for new users and its measure occurs after being criticized for lack of content.

The original content is the new table with which the relevance of a streaming platform is measured.

Streaming content has become a relevant option for users.

There are various figures that help us to have an image of the streaming market and how it has consolidated in the market, especially at a time when the consumption of digital content has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the shelter at home.

Numbers from Disney itself warn that since November 2019 that the service was released, to date, more than 50 million subscribers to the platform have joined, in a movement that has begun to have its consequences, since the platform is going through a Bad image when criticized for not having content that attracts its registered users.

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Disney + has a subscriber problem

Disney is looking for new marketing and promotion strategies now that it has dispensed with the free trial for new users.

The announcement has been made by Variety, which has informed the decision of Disney + at a time when the competition from streaming platforms is set to increase the number of users they have.

The decision of Disney +, according to statements by the company, is largely due to the fact that they are sure that the platform is an entertainment option that convinces on its own and is an attractive proposal for digital users.

The announcement of the platform occurs at a bittersweet moment, although it has reached a significant number of users, exceeding 54 million records, there is also a series of criticisms from users who have said they are disappointed by the null content offer on the platform.

Some of the strategies that Disney + is trying, now that it no longer has free tests of its service, is to release content before the time it was scheduled, especially taking into account that the COVID-19 pandemic and social protests against Racism has imposed a series of changes throughout the world and in each of the industries that are discussed.

One of these strategies is bringing forward the premiere of Hamilton, which was scheduled for October 2021, so this work by Lin-Manuel Miranda will go digital as a test, as the company’s CEO, Robert, has described it. A. Iger, who advocates hope, love, tenacity and leadership.

The premiere of this content will show the recording of the famous play, which has been awarded with a large number of Tony and Grammy Awards.

The streaming war

The streaming war has become a set of battles that bet on the diversity of content, which help us to size how important this channel is and even more so, the offer of original content, which has begun to be valued by users of these platforms.

Netflix leads this segment of original content production and other platforms increase their bet to achieve this, but in the meantime, they have set about experimenting with strategies such as offering their content catalog as a benefit to motivate the sale of their products, such as it happens with Apple, when using it to encourage the sale of its products.