Magic Camp – Disney Plus Movie Review

Disney Plus has finally made its debut in the national territory! And with that, a variety of series and movies are now available to enjoy. One of those titles that you can see on Disney Plus is Magic Camp, a children’s comedy that immediately takes us back to the golden age of the Disney Channel, but without much charm and that may only be entertaining for the little ones in the house.

Magic Camp, now available on Disney Plus, is directed by Mark Waters (Vampire Academy, 2014) and tells the story of Andy (Adam Devine), a young taxi driver from Las Vegas, who at the urging of his former mentor and owner of the Magic Camp Roy Preston (Jeffrey Tambor), returns to the camp of his youth in hopes of reviving his career as a magician. To his surprise, he meets a group of novice magicians who not only involve him in unexpected adventures, but also serve as great inspiration.

Those rookie magicians are Theo (Nathaniel Logan McIntyre), who loves magic, but suffers from great stage fright, possibly inspired by the death of his beloved father; Nathan (Cole Sand) a hypochondriac geek with great math skills; Ruth (Isabella Crovetti), who wants to do magic with animals, but for some strange reason is afraid of bunnies and Judd (Josie Totah), who is terrified of not living up to the expectations of her father, who is a great magician, among others.

Magic Camp Disney Plus review

To begin with, and as we noted above, Magic Camp rests its plot idea on other films of the genre and the Disney house such as Heavy Weights (1995), A Game of Twins (1998) and Camp Rock (2008). However, this aspect, in particular, is the great problem of the film because it makes the story feel lacking in originality and then becomes a mixture of situations and clichés that we have already seen before.

Another big flaw in Magic Camp is the lack of ranking between the main plots and the subplots. In the beginning, we go with the feint that the central character is Theo and in reality the script takes time to make him notice until the climax of the film when we are truly offered a most endearing moment starring the young magician. At another point in the film, we witness a longstanding professional feud starring Andy and Darkwood (Gillian Jacobs). This “fight” seems to only serve as a plot filler and, fortunately, it becomes a secondary story that opens the way to other stories starring the youth of the camp. These are much more effective and even fun, despite the fact that some characters are soulless and stereotyped. And when we talk about stereotypes we mean the pretty girl, the nerd or geek, the bully / bully or the rich girl.

If we take a look at IMDb it is likely that all those ups and downs and the insipid character around the script have to do with the ten accredited writers within the film and that it seems that, unfortunately, they never agreed to go in the right direction to Magic Camp. As a curious fact, back in 2014, Steve Martin had been summoned (via MovieWeb) to star in the film and was even working on the first drafts of the script, the result, of course, we will never know. Also, the feature film was filmed in 2017 and had a theatrical release scheduled for 2018, but later, Mickey Mouse announced his incorporation to the streaming platform (via DECIDER).

Magic Camp Disney Plus review

Magic Camp, which you can already see on Disney Plus, is not as disastrous as it appears. He strives to offer us a memorable third act where we witness the capacities and love that young rookies have harvested by magic, who have their special moment to shine and connect even briefly with the audience by offering them a couple of morals. In the end, the camera makes us notice that the actors and actresses did have fun making the film, which makes the narrative more bearable, but beyond that, Magic Camp is a very predictable product, full of clichés, comedy and situations devoid of magic that most likely only the least demanding viewers enjoy.

Original title: Magic camp

Director: Mark Waters (Bad Santa 2)

Actors: Adam Devine, Jeffrey Tambor, Gillian Jacobs, Nathaniel Logan McIntyre

Release date:November 17, 2020 (US)

Disney Plus Magic Camp

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