Thursday, synonym of SuperShow of 3DJuegos with all the news of the week and some other surprises.

Welcome, one more week, to the 3DJuegos SuperShow! Today we have a week full of news with the latest hits given by the Inside Xbox last week, in which we saw a first preview of the third-party games expected inXbox Series X. What have beenour favorites? What did we think of the format ofpresentation of the event? What to expect fromfuture announcementsof companies?

Companies move tab. Who is to announce event in summer?In fact, and taking advantage of the question, we make a brief review of all the plans announced by the main companies in the video game industry and see what awaits us in the coming months. There are still some companies to put their events for the summer … When will theyNintendoandSony? We discussed it and celebrated the announcement of the recent Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2, due to arrive next September to revamp the classic.

The Last Dance on Netflix is ​​great, we recommend other documentariesWith the announcement of the new Tony Hawk and the arrival of the remastered Mafia triloga, it is time to ask ourselves in the analysis what we think of the remasters and how they will change with the arrival of the new generation and its backward compatibility. Shift the paradigm to a new and better model? Finally, we chatted about The Last Dance, the last Netflix documentary starring theChicago BullsofMichael JordanAnd we recommend other documentaries that you can see during the confinement.

In today’s program we have hadAlberto Pastor,Carlos HernndezandToni Piedrabuena. The technical part has been borne byPedro Herrerro. The publication of the3D Games SuperShowIt takes place every Thursday at noon.

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