Maeva Ghennam will she stop reality TV in the coming months? The candidate answers very clearly on Snapchat and takes the opportunity to discuss her new project.

Maeva Ghennam is very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​presenting her new professional project. We still don’t know what it is at the moment. And obviously she is organizing a launch party concerning this project which is close to his heart. Moreover, many Internet users think that she will give up her career in reality TV to devote herself to her professional life. Rumors to which the young woman quickly reacted via her Snapchat account.

“I really enjoy what I do”

And it turns out that this information is false, Maeva confirms that she does not intend to stop either the Marseillais or television at all. She does not understand where this rumor may come from. She also confides that she loves going on an adventure with her friends abroad during the shoots even if there is often tension. Indeed, this year in season 5 of the Marseillais VS the Rest of the World, many clashes are to be expected. Maeva also appreciates the fact that the candidates are “cut off from the world” during their adventures and that they do not have access to their phone or television. Besides, she will soon be filming with Les Marseillais during the month of November or December.

Maeva, betrayed by her family?

Lately, the young woman has pushed a rant against her family of Marseillais. Indeed, she feels betrayed by them. In addition to having to manage conflicts with her family, she also has to face constant criticism from internet users on social networks. Moreover, she revealed that she regretted having rebuilt a part of her body in particular following their attacks. Despite all this media relentlessness, the candidate seems keep your head on your shoulders and displays a foolproof ambition.

The fans can therefore be reassured, the career plan of the 23-year-old Marseille seems well studied.